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Adolescents often find themselves confronted by feelings and social pressures they are not yet prepared to handle. I have years of therapeutic and clinical experience engaging with troubled and hard to reach adolescents and I have spent most of my career helping teens with such problems. Adolescents are a special segment of our society in need of a customized approach to the issues that often confront them. I help teens with problems such as anxiety, depression, excessive peer pressure, substance abuse, and coping with family stress and transitions such as divorce or death. 

Conflicting needs for growth into autonomy and the practical necessity of parental guidance in an adolescent can create confusion and make it difficult for a parent to know how to most effectively provide support to their teenager. Through years of clinical experience I have mastered how to navigate these challenges and bring comfort and growth to your teen and to your home.


Britt Morrissey, LCSW

12240 Venice Blvd. Suite 15A 
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Tel: (310) 486-2479
Fax: (866) 804-2412

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